The POZCAST: Career & Life Journeys with Adam Posner

Adam Posner: Own Your Loss- My Story

Episode Summary

Tribe, I am thrilled to present my 100th episode of #thePOZcast. I thought long and hard about who would be the perfect guest and thought it would be a great opportunity to share my real story and go deep into my "big loss."  For this episode, my friend, mentor and coach Brian Cristiano will turn the tables and interview me. We originally recorded this show for my RecFest presentation. We will start with my background, from landing my dream job at VaynerMedia working for Gary Vee to ultimately getting fired and the aftermath.  The real story is how I became truly self aware, took accountability, being vulnerable and harnessed my inner tenacity to drive my own career forward. It came with lots of challenges and I will discuss how I overcame them and how each step made me more resilient.  Ultimately, taking ownership and accountability of my losses, my mistakes, made me stronger and the man I am today. This is my story and I appreciate you joining me for this journey I call The POZcast. With love and gratitude, thank you!  For more, please visit If you enjoyed this show and others, I'd greatly appreciate it if you can leave a rating/review.

Episode Notes

1:36 - Rewind into Adam's Life story
3:02 - Reaction on losing the dream job - Find the self awareness - Be realistic 
4:30 - Double down on your strengths 
6:03 - Brian challenging situation - blaming external sources - take 100% accountability
6:37 - Reason for getting fired
7:36 - Being Truly Vulnerable 
9:18 - Unlocked the passion & Tenacity 
11:00 - Nobody forces you to own your loss, and pushes you to do something - Take accountability - learn and not repeat mistakes 
12:03 - Once you take ownership of your loss, you create opportunities 
13:11 - Biggest mistake in recruiting in early career 
15:36 - What makes you a great recruiter?
16:31 - Single best piece of advice - Plan your work and work your plan 
17:44 - Adam's super power - Connecting 
19:19 - Why the name, NHP Talent Group