The POZCAST: Career & Life Journeys with Adam Posner

Ahmad Imam: Sales Leader, Problem Solver & Career Journey

Episode Summary

Please welcome my guest on e72 of #thePOZcast, Ahmad Iman from down under, Sydney Australia. With over 18 years experience, Ahmad has achieved incredible success during his own sales career which led Ahmad to become a top performing Sales Leader who has built sales operations, go-to-market strategies and enablement frameworks in B2B and B2C businesses. Ahmad’s expertise has been gained across a broad range of industry sectors, including: FMCG, Real estate and Financial Services. He is a strategic and dynamic problem solver and leads with enthusiasm, passion, and a commitment to helping sales professionals be the best they can be, by bringing learning to life through Ahmad’s unique Edutainment learning philosophy. Having managed and coached teams, built businesses from the ground up, and worked for global corporations, Ahmad has been involved in over $1 Billion dollars in sales transactions. Key to his success in his personal and professional life is the relentless focus Ahmad has invested in his personal brand, professionalism, hard work, staying true to his values, and “what’s possible” attitude. We will dig into his career, his success on linked in as a top voice and a whole lot more! For more shows and info, please visit thanks!

Episode Notes

1:47 - Introduction
3:02 - Sales Skillset
4:49 - A Mis-step in life
6:24 - How to build or find that Confidence?
9:51 - How is Success Resources differ from the rest?
12:49 - The Content Journey
15:15 - All about Posting Content
17:49 - Secret to Audience Growth
21:07 - Biased Recruiting
24:41 - The Number Game
26:20 - Engagement Pods - Yes or No?
28:46 - Personal Brand - What is it?
36:51 - How to take on a troll?
38:50 : What is Authenticity
39:48 - Greatest Advice