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Alex Iceman: Software, Entrepreneurship & Ice Hockey

Episode Summary

Please welcome my guest Alex Iceman on episode 71 of #thePOZcast. He is the CEO and founder of Genium, a premium software engineering and agile consulting firm with offices in Silicon Valley and Argentina. A tech entrepreneur who also doubles as a professional hockey ref, he combines a cutting-edge vision for the future of tech with a talent for making the tough call. For more than 10 years, he has connected innovative businesses with world-class developers, engineers, and security experts, specializing in highly secure mobile apps, blockchain, computer vision/AI and other fields on the tech frontier. Alex also has a great passion for aircrafts, hockey and music. The awesome part is how he manages to learn new ways to produce music, and learn how to play instruments. We will dig into all of that and his career story on and off the ice and a whole lot more. Thanks for joining us! Find more:

Episode Notes

6:34 - Entrepreneurship and Sports/Sticking to DisciplineĀ 
10:05 - All about Genium
11:18 - Personalized DNA medicine is the FUTURE
14:02 - Early Failure / First Mistake
16:18 - Conflict Management/ Situation in Workplace
18:46 - Aviation Experience
20:30 - Music and Instruments
24:12 - Life is better with a SmileĀ 
25:31 - Great Mentors in Life