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BEST of #thePOZcast #47: Joel Lunenfeld: An Inspirational Career Journey

Episode Summary

This BEST OF episode of #thePOZcast is near and dear to my heart and features a long time friend and mentor, Joel Lunenfeld, someone I have known for 20 years. Wow. I first met Joel my freshman year of college at University at Buffalo. He was that cool older frat dude who played guitar and was really easy to talk to- seemed like he knew it all. Over the years Joel was like a big brother- through the fraternity stuff and more importantly life. He was critical in introducing me to my first internship w/ the Buffalo Sabres and later in life, paving the way for me at #VaynerMedia. Which takes us to the present- Joel has been one of the top influencers in the digital marketing and social media space for the last 20 years and recently he shifted his focus to the Cannabis Industry. He joined NorCal Cannabis Company in 2019 as the CMO to lead communications, brand strategy, CPG development, and retail marketing efforts. Before NorCal, Joel spent six years at #Twitter as Vice President of Global Brand Strategy, responsible for business and consumer brand and marketing around the globe. Prior to Twitter, he was one of the first employees, and eventual CEO, of Moxie Interactive, a leading digital agency, leading client engagements such as #Verizon, #Nestle, #Fox Movie Studios, #Coca-Cola,# L’Oreal, and more. Joel is an award-winning marketer, entrepreneur and free thinker who understands cultural trends, emerging technology, and the new customer journey. In 2015, the American Advertising Federation inducted him into its Advertising Hall of Achievement, the industry’s premier award for outstanding advertising leaders age 40 and under. As Joel sees it, the way the conversation about cannabis is framed today will set the tone for the next 50-100 years, and he wants to make sure that conversation reflects the plant’s true potential as a force for good. Please join us on this incredible conversation between two long time friends. Thanks! For more, please visit thanks

Episode Notes

9:28 – Chinning Up
12:40 – Youngest CEO
16:51 – Foundation to Leadership Mindset / Influencer vs Leadership
22:44 – The Twitter Journey
32:10 – Non Profit Projects/ Giving More /  When Work feels Fulfilling
33:46 – Relationship with NorCal Cannabis
38:21 – Work Life Balance / Keeping it Together