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BEST OF #thePOZcast: E50 Claude Silver- Gary Vee's Right Hand Building Culture

Episode Summary

Many of you know Claude Silver as the Chief Heart Officer at #VaynerMedia, serving as Gary’s right hand to be the steward of culture and people. For those who may be unfamiliar w/ my story, I worked at Vayner in 2014-15 for about 7 months before ultimately losing my job. Claude played a critical role in coaching me through that difficult time. She is a trusted ally and I am forever grateful. More importantly, I want to use this opportunity to help others who may have been or are in my shoes, struggling in their job or career search to find their inner tenacity to overcome and triumph in a bad work situation. We will get into that and a whole lot more why I truly love this woman and pretty sure you will as well. If you enjoyed this episode, check out more at

Episode Notes

3:03 – Approach to Employee Handling
4:24 – Self Awareness / Recognition of Values
7:32 – Process of letting go
8:20 – How to create work environment friendly/ Connection and Belonging
11:55 – The dark side of letting go
13:40 – Dont Burn Bridges/ Sh*t Happens/ Forgive Yourself
15:47 – Termination/ After Care / Keep Connected
22:39 – What’s not so ‘Awesome’ about working with Gary
25:02 – The Art of Communication/ Feedback Training/ Being Empathetic
29:00 – Parenthood and Work
31:20 – The ING (Survivors of Abuse)