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Brendan Browne: Global Talent Acquisition Leader at LinkedIN

Episode Summary

I am beyond thrilled to welcome my guest on E79 of #thePOZcast , Brendan Brown, VP of Global TA at LinkedIN. He has the uncommon privilege of leading recruiting for the company that has and continues to completely redefine and transform the world of talent...LinkedIn. Brendan has been in recruiting for 15+ years and has been fortunate to have had amazing experiences working in markets across the globe from coast to coast in the US, across EMEA and throughout APAC with incredible colleagues solving hard and meaningful problems. Today we are going to dig into his own career journey, how he landed his job at LI and pull back the curtain on how they hire and how he connects Talent With Opportunity At Massive Scale. For more, please visit If you enjoyed this show, please leave a review:

Episode Notes

1:38 - Unpack with Brendan Browne
5:02 - Working with Bill Gates
5:52 - Takeaway from Microsoft
8:15 - Interview with Jeff Weiner 
9:36 - Mindset 10 years ago
13:14 - Diversity inclusion and Belonging (DIB) in lieu of Current Affairs
18:14 - Steps to remove Unconscious Biases in Workplace
21:58 - Data Overload
24:29 - How Linkedin Recruits? Is The Secret Process?
27:40 - Recruiters as Brand Ambassadors
28:57 - Guiding Principles on How to Reach Candidates on Linkedin?
31:49 - Managing Expectations
33:22 - Thoughts on Urgency and Timings of Hiring a Good Fit?
36:50 - Behavioral Training
38:35 - TA Process (Pros and Cons) - Virtual Interview
40:14 - Secret Trick to get a job in Linkedin
43:07 - Who is DJ Blue?
45:10 - Balance in Life (Personal & Professional)
49:01 - Greatest Piece of Advice
50:58 - Silver Lining in times of Covid