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Dawn Burke: Teaching Recruiters to Be Better

Episode Summary

My guest on episode 84 of #thePOZcast, Dawn Burke, is an expert HR leader, trainer, speaker and writer specializing in talent acquisition, engagement and workplace culture. Her career has spanned the last 20 years, including serving as the Executive People Leader for award-winning companies. She is currently Sr. Consultant at Recruiting Toolbox and founder of Dawn Burke HR. At Recruiting Toolbox, Dawn with her colleagues, focus 100% on helping companies recruit better. Helping clients like Columbia Sportswear, Disney and Amazon raise their bar on talent and recruiting effectives, improving recruiting strategies and building hiring manager and recruiter capabilities. Dawn is recognized as a Top HR Innovator and a highly sought after speaker with appearances at LinkedIn Talent Connect (that I was at and will talk more about), SHRM Talent, SHRM National, DisruptHR, amongst others. When she is not leading HR/TA change, she spends her time glued to her TV (she is a self-admitted addict), knows most of the lyrics to Hamilton, loves to cry at movies, thinks wine, a wheel of Brie and Milk Duds make a well-balanced dinner, and sings in her car daily. Her husband and cat are the Yin to her Yang. For more, please visit If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a review

Episode Notes

2:47 - Introduction
4:00 - First Interaction
5:20 - Effect of Covid-19
7:10 - Talent & HR in Remote Space
9:57 - Managing Expectations & Transparency
12:30 - Pipelining
14:46 - Upskill
17:50 - Alignment and Competency
18:58 - Candidate Experience
22:04 - The Right Thing - Help Each Other
23:07 - Contingency Recruiters
26:30 - Art of Recruiting
27:02 - Habit of Saying Sorry
29:54 - Modern HR vs Traditional HR
34:10 - Authenticity