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Michael Farber #breakout: Storytelling + Impact

Episode Summary

I am very excited to introduce my guest today, Michael Farber, Co-Founder, Breakout. Breakout is a national community of diverse grassroots leaders & entrepreneurs across 25+ American cities whose mission is to champion changemakers. With a platform of events, original content, and funding Breakout has been recognized for its work in "giving underrepresented talent a voice. These multi-day events (which I am long overdue to attend) are held all over the country and focus on the history, people and places of host cities. 100+ changemakers fly in and participate in a series of activations co-created with locals and spread throughout the community. They literally take it to the streets. These have been held in: Baltimore, Newark, Tulsa, Philly, Chicago and Atlanta. This year alongside Jim St Germain & Eddie Washington, Launched the honestly speaking podcast where they talk about race, culture, with a dab of history. We will dig into that and a ton more on E58 of #thepozcast. #entrepreneurship #storytelling #impact #eventmarketing

Episode Notes

11:22 Mission Statement 
12:57 Fundamental Mistake 
15:21 Geographical Representation/ Dispersion
17:31 The 'Aha' Moment/ Fulfilling Your Purpose & mission
25:01 Special Sauce / Authenticity & Community
29:39 Purpose of Michael's Podcast
32:33 - Best Piece of Advice
33:34 Greatest Accomplishment