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Belinda Aramide #sales coach + social selling

Episode Summary

Please welcome Belinda Aramide to #thePOZCAST. She is a LinkedIn Personal Branding Consultant & Sales Strategist who helps entrepreneurs, small business owners, and sales executives harness the power of their personal brand to sell more and sell more effectively. With her Salesfluence sales methodology of bringing influencer-style marketing into the sales process, Belinda is helping to make sales more comfortable for those on both sides of the selling equation. We will talk about her own career story, how to create and grow properly on linkedin and the rise of influencer marketing. I truly enjoyed my time speaking with Belinda and I am confident that you will learn a ton as well! I appreciate you listening, subscribing, commenting and sharing! Thanks!

Episode Notes

Target Market 4:40
Influx of Youtubers 5:56 
Vanity Metrics / Audience Breakup /7:26
Utilize Linkedin the Better Way/ Maximize the Value 8:08
Influencer Marketing 9:55
Posting with a purpose 11:14
How to Engage Actively on Social Media 13:09
Personal Branding 14:16 
Bubble Burst of Influencer Marketing 19:21