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Lars Schmidt: Next Generation HR & The Future of Work

Episode Summary

My guest on #thepozcast Lars Schmidt is the Founder of Amplify and Host of the 21st Century HR podcast. He’s also the Co-Founder of HR Open Source. He’s spent 20 years in HR and recruiting building talent strategies for a broad range of companies and industries. He’s a writer with regular columns covering the future of work in Fast Company and Forbes, co-author of Employer Branding for Dummies and global speaker, recently back from Australia. I first met Lars via Hung Lee’s Recruiting Brainfood live a few months back. We connected on a call after and talked shop and I met him in person this past September in Dallas at LIC and we hit it off and I knew I had to have him on the show. We dig deep into: Modern HR vs. Legacy HR, Best practices, empowering employees, HR Innovations, Employer Branding, Candidate Experience and a lot more. Thanks for joining us! I appreciate everyone listening, sharing and subscribing to #thePOZcast.

Episode Notes

2:50  The word 'Future Work'?

4:17 - Modern HR vs Legacy HR

5:43 - Best Practices of HR/Core Function

7:34 - Empowerment of Employees

8:42 - Key Innovation in HR

11:28 - Employer Branding

12:38 - Candidate Experience

14:59 - Conversation before the Interview

16:55 - Piece of Advice to a New Recruiter

17:59 - All about Amplifier

19:59 - To scale or not to scale?

22:48 - Lars' Podcast Overview

26:44 - Build an Audience/Community