The POZCAST: Career & Life Journeys with Adam Posner

Gal Almog: From Israeli Army Special Forces to Recruitment Tech Founder

Episode Summary

In this episode, Gal Almog and I dig into the challenges that recruiters face when solving the problem of talent access. Gal has a diverse background in dealing with people, from his time in the military, to then acting as the Economic Minister of the Israeli embassy, and most recently as a business builder and operator- founder of Talenya. Gal walks us through his early life overcoming the odds in the Israeli Defense Forces as a Special Forces Combat Officer, becoming one of fifteen selected to join the forces that round out of an original 5000 candidates. He speaks of his time as a 23 year-old leading his team into territories miles away, where the odds were stacked against their return. He also explains how his experience in the military has prepared him well for the world of business. His rigorous planning and goal setting combined with his military-grade discipline has made him a force to be reckoned with in the field of startup recruiting, as well as the many ventures he was a part of before he entered the field of talent access. Gal is now busy revolutionizing the way that talent recruiters identify talent pools with Talenya. We get into how LinkedIn has been a powerful and respected tool for recruiting, and how the solution Gal has built with Talenya builds on that foundation to be more inclusive of different types of talent. We also get a chance to dig into Gal’s more creative side with his personal passion for music, and much more, so don’t miss this episode of the POZcast! If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a review/rating:  The POZCast is brought to you by our friends at Interseller - the prospecting + outreach platform of recruiters and sellers. Whether you’re doubling down on business development or recruiting talent, Interseller does all the heavy lifting of finding contact data, automating the email and follow-up process, and syncs all that rich data into 20+ CRMs and ATSs. Reach out and get going in a 2-week *free* trial today and let them know you heard about them from Adam on the POZCast.  Check out a free demo today!  For more, always check out

Episode Notes

3:01 - Scariest part of joining Army
3:43 - Big Takeaway from Army
5:09 - Career Story - Army to Civilian Life
8:33 - Getting into Recruitment
9:59 - Better way to source candidates/ increase traffic
11:38 - Views on Linkedin/Indeed/
13:13 - Differentiation
15:31 - Other sources/contact methods
16:32 - Limitation to Data
17:48 - Biggest Challenge
20:20 - Challenges in the market
21:46 - Diversity in Recruitment
22:37 - Qualities in a Good Entrepreneur
24:43 - Creating and Playing Music/First Instrument
25:55 - Musicians that have inspired Gal
26:25 - What is Authenticity?
27:08 - Greatest Piece of Advice
29:09 - Gal's North Star