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Hakeem Valles: From the NFL to Real Estate Mogul & Entrepreneur

Episode Summary

Hakeem Valles: From the NFL to Real Estate Mogul & Entrepreneur. After Hakeem Valles signed his rookie contract to play professional football with the Arizona Cardinals, he didn't buy a new car or watch. He secured an FHA loan, bought a four bedroom apartment complex, lived in one unit and rented out the others. That combination of entrepreneurial spirit and humility have long been a part of his life, and he continues to exhibit those traits in his transition from the NFL to a full time real estate real estate investor and founder of a digital media agency. Join us on episode 77 of #thePOZcast as we take you back to his early days, a near death experience that changed his live and journey to the NFL and career post retirement. Thanks for joining, to hear more, please visit If you love this show, please leave us a review. Go to and follow the simple instructions.

Episode Notes

4:14 - Journey to the NFL
6:00 - Near Death Experience & Mindset Shift
8:43 - His Rookie Season
10:59 - Toughest On Field Moment
13:40 - Decision to Retire
17:56 - Self Awareness
25:10 - Perspective on Global Media
26:45-  Leadership Traits
29:43 - What is Authenticity?