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James Hornick: Helping People Become Better Job Seekers

Episode Summary

My guest on episode 85 of #thePOZcast, James Hornick a seasoned TA pro and a Partner at Hirewell, where he has specialized in the recruitment of marketing and technology professionals since 2005. He created Hirewell’s Digital Experience & Marketing recruiting practice while also leading the firm’s internal digital marketing and business development initiatives. Previously, James worked in enterprise technology sales with Akamai Technologies and WorldCom. He believes in building lasting relationships through honesty and transparency, as well as telling jokes, which sometimes end up being funny. In his spare time, he trades financial derivatives, lifts weights, and struggles to learn Spanish. James and I have been connected for a bit and I admire the success he has had in the recruitment industry, the solid advice he is always giving and how he continues to add value. This is a great lively chat on all things recruiting, careers, job search and a ton more, so come join us! For more, please visit If you enjoyed this episode, id greatly appreciate if you left a review:

Episode Notes

1:54- James Elevator Pitch
6:40 - Barrier to Entry/ Test for Recruiting
7:45 - Contingency Matrix
11:50 - Recruitment in times of Pandemic
14:03 - Process of Recruitment
17:12 - Golden Piece of Advice
18:14 - Job Search  Amid Covid-19
24:55 - Who is a better Coach?
25:31 - Podcasting and Content Creation
27:47 - Authenticity