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Jeff Fenster: Founder of Everbowl, Entrepreneurship & QSR Pioneer

Episode Summary

My guest on episode 82 of #thePOZcast Jeff Fenster is a serial entrepreneur whose main business principles are making friends and having fun! Fenster is focused on disruptive start-ups with vertical integration and revenue-driving innovation while cultivating and empowering top-tier leadership teams to foster the growth of successful brands.A pioneer in the quick-serve restaurant category, Fenster is the founder of the rapidly expanding, So Cal-based superfood brand, everbowl™ which he established in 2016. everbowl is nationally recognized as a rising-star within the sector, making healthy superfoods accessible and affordable for everyone. As an inspiring mentor and team-builder, Fenster is dedicated to fostering a strong company culture where the motto is “make friends and have fun.” Fenster is also a proactive community advocate, generously contributing time and funds to his neighbors and everbowl customers. Jeff’s lifelong mentor is Dave Meltzer, someone who I hold in the highest regard as my frequency spirit animal. We connected recently and I loved Jeff’s story and had to have him on the show today to share all of his wisdom and share his journey with all of us. If you enjoyed this episode, id greatly appreciate if you can please leave a review and subscribe: For more:

Episode Notes

2:40 - Introduction to Jeff
3:43 - Relationship with Dave Meltzer
9:00 - Describe Dave Melter in One Word
9:50 - Everbowl Super Food
12:10 - Process to Vertical Integration
15:14 - Different Types of Entrepreneurs
17:40 Learning on the Job/Interning Entrepreneur/ Self Awareness
18:45 -  Relationship Capital
22:10-  Success Formula
23;04 - What is Authenticity
24:56 - Greatest Piece of Advice
27:04 - SilverLining in Times of Covid-19