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Jeff Mans: A Career Journey in Fantasy Sports

Episode Summary

Jeff Mans is a 15-year veteran of the fantasy sports industry and the outspoken front man of SiriusXM’s Fantasy Sports Radio & the CCO of . Over the past seven years he has helped build Fantasy Alarm into one of the leading fantasy sports news and information sites in the world. Mans is a 10-time daily fantasy sports live final qualifier, a two time DFS live final winner, seasonal high stakes league winner and winner of the 2015 FSWA Radio Show of the Year. His work has been published in over 50 books, newspapers and magazine publications. Mans was also one of the featured leads in the documentary film “Living The Fantasy.” You can catch Jeff hosting a variety of live programs including his own Guru Elite Show from 2-4 PM ET every weekday on SXM. We will dig into his career, fantasy sports and a whole lot more! For more, please visit If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a review:

Episode Notes

2:33 - Coronavirus Episode
5:41 - Jeff's Career Journey
8:20 - Sports Edition
13:30 - Broadcasting & Sports Station
15:54 - Love for Fantasy Sports
 20:00 - Baseball League vs. Roto League
22:30 - No Physical Sports, anymore
28:31 - The Down Point in Jeff's Life
34:03 - What is a Dream Job?
35:33 - Biggest Accomplishment
38:20 - Super Power