The POZCAST: Career & Life Journeys with Adam Posner

Jeremy & Rasa Smith with special co-host Nina & Posner: Father & Daughter Podcasting Magic!

Episode Summary

In this adorable episode of The POZCast, I’m joined by Father-daughter co-hosts of the “You Must Know Everything” podcast, Jeremy and Rasa Smith. As well, my daughter Nina, joins me as my co-host. Jeremy is the author of several books including “Breaking and Entering: The Extraordinary Story of a Hacker Called ‘Alien’” which he also did a spin off podcast for called “The Hacker Next Door.” In his most recent podcast with his daughter, the two were inspired to answer some of the questions they both had resulting from spending more time together in the pandemic. So for this episode, Nina and I get to pick their brains about all things quarantine and beyond. We talk about the worst parts of quarantine, splitting school time between in-person and zoom classes, and the pros and cons of making slime in the kitchen (don’t knock it ‘til you try it). Jeremy and Rasa both let us know what each other’s superpowers are, and talk about some of the things they’ve learned from one another in quarantine. It was really great to reflect on some of the positive notes of being able to spend more time with family during the lockdown, and we appreciate Jeremy and Rasa joining us and adding their own stories to the mix. Check it out to hear more! If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a review/rating: The POZCast is brought to you by our friends at Interseller - the prospecting + outreach platform of recruiters and sellers. Whether you’re doubling down on business development or recruiting talent, Interseller does all the heavy lifting of finding contact data, automating the email and follow-up process, and syncs all that rich data into 20+ CRMs and ATSs. Reach out and get going in a 2-week *free* trial today and let them know you heard about them from Adam on the POZCast. Check out a free demo today! For more, please visit

Episode Notes

3:02 - How did the show start?
4:28 - The First Show
5:35 - Daddy Daughter Engagement
6:21 - Nina's Questions for Rasa
7:42 - What got the show started
8:47 - Least favorite thing about Pandemic
10:40 - Dad Moments
13:14 - Things Learned from Daughter
16:05 - How to pick a Poem for Podcast
17:43 - Nina's Explanation about Robox
20:38 - Rasa's Explanation to Jeremy about Puzzle Pieces
25:07 - Parenting Inspiration
27:23 - Rasa's Super Power
28:18 - What makes Jeremy an Awesome Dad
31:25 - Personal and Professional Silver Lining
33:23 - Jeremy's North Star
34:49 - Rasa's Opinion on School during Covid