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Joe Mullings: Time to change "Talent ACQUISITION" to "Talent ACCESS"

Episode Summary

MICRO STEPS lead to MACRO ACTION‼️ IT'S TIME TO CHANGE "ACQUISITION" to "ACCESS" #TalentACCESS There is no better time than now to move this conversation and change forward. The word "acquisition" is antiquated and does not properly define what WE in this industry do. Joe Mullings introduced me to this mindset shift earlier this year and I am proud to share his detailed thoughts on ACCESS. We are not forcing this down your throats, rather, to start the conversation and help spread this shift. I ask anyone in #recruiting, #talentacqusition and #humanresources to please start to think about this shift. Together, we can make a positive difference in the hiring starts with small steps that lead to big change! ------ Big thanks to @Dragonflystories and @TheMullingsGroup for this collab! More to come from this team! For more, please visit thanks!