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Kara Goldin: Founder & CEO at Hint: Key Life & Career Lessons 

Episode Summary

Who’s it for?: You’ll want to check out this episode if you’re struggling to solidify your business idea, grow it from the ground up, or even if you’ve done all of the above and you’re looking for a strong way to tell your story! In episode 136 of #thePOZcast, I sit down with Kara Goldin, Founder and CEO of Hint Inc. best known for its award-winning Hint® water. We start off talking about her early introduction to the world of entrepreneurship, when she got a job for a toy company and quickly rose up to learn about product margins and purchasing for the storefront. She was only 14 then, but that along with watching her father launch a brand under the company he was working for and learning about acquisitions was enough to seed her ambition to one day start her own company. We also talk about the effects of her early interest in Steve Jobs, which drove her to buy a personal Mac computer while she was in school studying journalism. Eventually that interest drove her out to Silicon Valley, where she joined a startup. She was immediately interested in the startup culture, where the hierarchy was unlike her time with larger companies like TIME Magazine. This was a culture all about ideas, and as she puts it, whether or not people have something to contribute. Now, Kara is still growing Hint Inc, hosts The Kara Goldin Show, and recently published her own book, Undaunted. She keeps herself busy executing with the business, being able to talk to some of the greatest minds in business (such as Guy Kawasaki, who we speak about in this interview), while also reflecting on her own experiences and thoughts via her writings. If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a review/rating:  The POZCast is brought to you by our friends at Interseller - the prospecting + outreach platform of recruiters and sellers. Whether you’re doubling down on business development or recruiting talent, Interseller does all the heavy lifting of finding contact data, automating the email and follow-up process, and syncs all that rich data into 20+ CRMs and ATSs. Reach out and get going in a 2-week *free* trial today and let them know you heard about them from Adam on the POZCast.  Check out a free demo today! For more, please visit thanks!

Episode Notes

1:55 - Kara’s First Real job

10:13 - Journey towards Entrepreneurship

15:42 - Interview Questions to find the right people

17:47 - Impetus behind the product/drink

24:47 - Launch of a new Category

26:42 - Putting all the eggs in one basket

28:38 - Challenge in educating consumers

31:40 - Brand Demand

32:38 - Process of Writing a Book

35:52 - Motivation Lesson for Everyone

40:24 - Amazing Guest on Kara Goldin’s Show

46:08 - Professional/Personal Silver Lining

49:07 - Kara Goldin’s North Star