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Kristin Sherry: Creator of #YouMap Values and Careers

Episode Summary

Thrilled to welcome #YouMap creator, Kristin Sherry to #thePOZcast to talk about her journey and how she created YouMap. Those unfamiliar with her journey: I was a manager in a passionless job. Career fulfillment eluded me. I was called to more but didn't know what "more" was. After reaching a breaking point, I was desperate to know why I dreaded going to work. A mentor led me to an eye-opening discovery. I made changes based on what I learned. I added things that lit my potential and removed what limited it; including leaving a six figure job. Today, I've achieved purpose-driven success by aligning my "how, why, what and who" to my work.My journey created a mission: To help others know their Four Pillars of Career Fit™ to reach their potential. I created YouMap® to help highschoolers and adults see the unique contribution they bring through their strengths, values, preferred skills and personality. YouMap® is holistic, intuitive and ACTIONABLE and is offered 3 ways: A book, a career profile, and a coaching certification. YOUMAP BOOK Uncover what you do best, enjoy most, and align your life with it. Amazon #1 Bestseller in Careers in 6 countries. YOUMAP® PROFILE Winner of the 2020 Career Innovator Award from Career Directors International, YouMap® showcases the Four Pillars of Career Fit™. Example uses: Hiring, recruiting, career transition, exploration, self-discovery, personal branding, team building, leadership development, outplacement. Purchase YouMap® profiles at Find a YouMap® coach or workshop facilitator at YOUMAP® CERTIFICATION Ideal for coaches, consultants, recruiters, career services and HR pros. 100% of certified coaches surveyed said they recommend the program. For more, please visit

Episode Notes

1:58 - Introduction / Career - Identity Crisis
5:02 - Origin of 'YouMap'
 6:14 - Certified Coaches Worldwide
6:33 - Early Lesson during the YouMap Journey
8:02 - Putting Theory into Practice
9:21 - 9:58** Teaser
10:27 - Self-Awareness
12:42 - The Pandemic Effect & Coaching
19:01 - Developing Skills in Children / Writing Books for Kids in Early Age
21:20 - Finding Strengths and Values in Children
23:52 - Early signs of self awareness in Children
25:50 - Lessons Learned from Kids during Pandemic
27:35 - Authenticity
28:04 - Greatest Piece of Advice