The POZCAST: Decoding Success with Adam Posner

Madeline Mann: Career Strategy, Resume Tips and Job Search Expert

Episode Summary

Madeline Mann, Career, Resume and Job Search expert joins me on E66 of #thePOZcast. As I procure guests for the show, they are a mix of pros already in my industry, some close and some new like Madeline. I’ve been following her for a bit and she gives great, actionable advice on the job search and career journey and I knew I had to have her on the show. Quick background for those who may not know her. Madeline Mann is a Career & LinkedIn Branding Strategist, known for her award-winning YouTube Channel, Self Made Millennial, and her capstone course, “LinkedIn for Thought Leaders.” Mann transformed her experience as an HR & Recruiting leader into advice on how to empower ambitious professionals to fast-track their careers. Her work has been featured on Business Insider, Newsweek, Career Contessa, and more. This year Mann was named a top 50 person to follow on LinkedIn, and a top 10 YouTube channel for job seekers. I am super excited to talk to her about her personal career journey and the career insight and advice she provides to many. I hope that you gain a tremendous amount of value and actionable advice from our show. For more, please visit: thanks!

Episode Notes

1:33 Background
3:29 Successes & Failures
5:44 Coaching on Job Search

10:58 Standing Out in Resume/ Achiever Pattern  

15:38 Cover Letters; Yes or No?  

21:52 Follow Up Process after Interview

23:15 Personal Branding
24:46  Millennials' Job Search
27:33 Content Creation
29:35  Purpose of Youtube Channel