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Marc Siden: Lessons on life & leadership from Cloud Water CEO

Episode Summary

Marc Siden: Lessons on life & leadership from Cloud Water CEO My guest on episode 94 of #thePOZcast, Marc Siden is the CEO of Cloud Water Brands, an all-natural great tasting, CBD beverage. He is a seasoned marketing leader and Former Co-Founder/CEO of Onboard Informatics, a self-funded real estate technology company that pioneered the dissemination of online real estate data to companies like Zillow, Trulia, Chase Bank, Coldwell Banker, His resume includes being a key advisor to successful companies like Klot, NabeWise and ScoutVentures.  He also does some great philanthropy work with TORCH-A nonprofit organization that works with underserved NYC high school students, by exposing them to career path training via internships. He is also a founder/coach of Hockey in Harlem, nonprofit organization based in NYC, that works with inner city kids to promote education and work ethic through hockey. I am excited to talk to Marc about CBD, his career story, lessons on life and leadership and a whole lot more. For more, please visit If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a review:

Episode Notes

2:06 - Introduction
3:34 - Putting things into place
4:53 - Why is CBD/ Cloud water so good?
9:30 - First Conversation
12:02 - Science behind Flavors
13:56 - Brand Value
20:10 - Educating the masses about CBD
22:33 - Target Market
24:05 - General Though Process in Consuming CBD
25:28 - How do Consumers Perceive this brand? / Brand Experience
28:45 - CBD and Alcohol
31:04 - Lead Blindfold
33:20 - Managing during Pandemic
38:50 - Lessons Learned
40:57 - Being Empathetic
44:47 - Customer Retention
48:25 - Evolution of the Product
53:21 - The New Normal
55:45 - Authenticity