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Marcus Glover: Real Talk on Racism in America & The Way Forward

Episode Summary

#thePOZcast is proud to present a incredibly important conversation: Racism in America. Our guide and storyteller will be one of my main mentors, Marcus Glover. I have known Marcus for 7 years and during this time he has been a shining beacon of how to be of service to his community, his fellow man and to everyone that comes in contact with him. I am grateful for him for introducing me to Defy Ventures, which has 100% changed my views on the prison system and getting me out of my own comfort zone. Today, we will get uncomfortable and have the necessary conversations that are critically important right now to turn words into action. To learn more about Defy Ventures, please visit: For more, please visit Thank you!

Episode Notes

5:49 - Share Each Other's Experiences and have Empathy
7:51 - Keep it Real
8:12 - Systemic Racism
11:10 - Racist attacks / Different Dramatic Experiences
13:57 - Step towards getting to one page / Take action against Bias
15:23 - Guiding Philosophy / Reality versus Philosophy / What is Systematic Racism?
18:06 - Racism behind bars
20:15 - White Privilege
24:27 - Opposite of Love - Indifference
25:29 - Core Theme - Empathy / Protest - Feeling of Disgrace
27:17 - How to Bridge the gap?
30:03 - Fight for Equality
34:00 - Bias in Education, Healthcare, Banking and Employment
38:48 - BLM Movement / Purpose of Protest
50:22 - PPE Loans Bias
54:27 - Defy Ventures
54:48 - Solidarity with Non-White People
59:22 - Silver Linings