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Mark Metry: LIVE SHOW: Mindset and Mental Health During the Pandemic

Episode Summary

Mark Metry joined me on #thePOZcastLIVE on 3.17.2020 to discuss his new book, "Screw Being Shy" and everything in regards to mental health and wellness during the time of the pandemic. Mark Metry: I spend my time on this planet as a 22-year-old trying to impact & influence others by evolving myself. The same way I was impacted and empowered by others to upgrade to the next version of myself...version 2.0. I'm the Host of a Top 100 podcast, Humans 2.0. In total, my thoughts, views, podcasts, and videos have been viewed over 50+ Million times. My Life’s work has been featured in Forbes, Influencive, Inc, Huffington Post, Fearless Motivation, etc and been a guest on over 100 radio and podcast shows. I am an international TEDx keynote speaker at conferences, schools, and Fortune 500’s delivering meaningful & transformative current edge knowledge in the form of speaking engagements, panels, moderator, host, MC, workshops, and more. I am a podcast strategist consulting funded start-ups, founders, and organizations to sustainably start, grow & brand build their way through the competition in the age of vanity metrics with marketing experience for over 13 years and accumulation of over 100M+ overall network views If you are interested in learning how to unlock your LinkedIn to bring you opportunities to grow your career, message or brand consider taking my Unlock Your LinkedIn course: Listen to 500+ Episodes of Humans 2.0 Here: For more on our show: Thanks for listening and subscribing!