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Matt Gagnon: Mindset Coach- Live With a Courageous Heart

Episode Summary

Matt Gagnon is my dude and is real as it gets. He is raw, authentic and tells it like he is. Super thrilled for him to join me on E91 of #thePOZcast, recorded as a live conversation during the middle of the pandemic. If you dont know Matt, you certainly will after this emotional, open and honest conversation.  Matt is a TEDx Keynote Speaker, Mindset Coach, Author, Rule Breaker, Family Man, Bulletproof Optimist who lives with a courageous heart. He serve's elite c-suite achievers and entrepreneurs who are living on the edge of burnout. These leaders pour into others, their families, and their careers, yet rarely have anyone pouring into them and he becomes that trusted source for guidance and perspective. Matt has served high performers from NBA executives, Fortune 500 companies, and tenured entrepreneurs who have delivered exceptional results. However, with all of that success, there is still something missing...usually it’s then missing out on the life passing by around them. As a fierce and relentless advocate for  his clients, he guides them from not feeling like they are not enough to producing kick ass results. In order to maximize success, Matt focus on building a foundation that starts with overcoming limited beliefs, recognizing blind spots, and identifying values. Join two fathers, have an open and honest conversation about life and what is important most. I promise that you will walk away from this conversation feeling like you know Matt like a life-long friend.  For all shows and more info, please visit If you enjoyed this show, I'd greatly appreciate it if you please leave a review and rating: thanks! 

Episode Notes

0:55 - Everyday feels like April Fools
3:47 - Who is Matt Gagnon?
5:18 - Cataplexy (Muscle Disorder)
7:42 - The Epiphany Moment
11:44 - The 'Pause'
13:22 - Take Accountability of your actions
14:54 - The Thought Process
16:36 - Scared of the Unknown
18:00 - Coaching Approach/Mantra
20:08 - Its all about Mindset
22:12 - 22:47 Teaser
23:24 - Vulnerability
25:44 - Family Distance/ Emotional Journey
29:15 - Isolation Phase & Silver Lining
33:25 - Redesign Life
35:13 - Matt's TEDx Talk
36:56 - Greatest Piece of Advice