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Michael Kascsak: Talent Acquisition Industry Leader Shares His Journey at Google & PayPal

Episode Summary

Let’s dig deep into the world of Talent Acquisition & Recruiting on e86 of #thePOZcast. My guest, Michael Kasack is a true industry vet and thought leader. He brings over 20 years of performance in developing, executing, and supporting high-level hiring initiatives to strengthen operational performance and improve competitive positioning. Michael began his career with Aerotek and also managed his own staffing firm before transitioning to corporate recruiting where he has held various leadership roles at Bank of America, Capital One and CBRE. Recently, Michael was Head of Talent Acquisition, Americas and Head of Global Technical Staffing for PayPal. He has recently moved to Google to lead up SWE Sourcing, North America. Michael is a foodie and a wine collector and enjoys spending time with his wife and 4 year old Daughter Giada. Although after 45+ days of quarantine that last part might need alteration. I had the pleasure to meet Michael in Dallas in September 2019 and I am thrilled to have him on the show today to share his story and so much more insight into the world of TA and a ton more! For more info and past shows, please be sure to check out If you gained value from this episode, id greatly appreciate if you please left a review and subscribed at

Episode Notes

2:44 - Start of Michael's Career
5:52 - Opportunity with Google
6:39 -  in-house recruiters
9:12 - Coaching & Development
11:36 - Big teams vs Small teams
13:45 - Vulnerability in the workforce
15:27 - Golden Advice to Newbies
16:34 - Make Workplace comfortable
19:27 - Michael's Philosophy
22:15 - Getting into a  big company
24:10 - Recruiters are Brand Ambassadors
25:50 - Advantages of working for Big companies like Google
26:23 - Candidate Experience
28:32 - Company / Employee Branding
30:47-  Effect of Covid on Talent Acquisition
33:19 - Remote Interviews and Work from home