The POZCAST: Career & Life Journeys with Adam Posner

Nina Posner: The NHP and my North Star

Episode Summary

This will be one of those shows, those moments that I look back on years from now and smile, a true time capsule. Please welcome my daughter, Nina Posner! We recorded this show on 12/31/2019 on a #linkedinLIVE. Nina interviews me and then I turn the tables on her! Join us for a really fun, sweet chat. She is my North Star and means everything to me! For more: Thanks!

Episode Notes

1:15 - End of Decade
1:50- Introduction to Lovely Nina
2:30- Holidays/ Adventure
3:45 - Tooth Fairy
4:37 - Nina's Q&A Session with Adam
5:18 - Most Dangerous Ride
6:18 - First LEGO
7:05 Favorite Book
7:25 - Favorite Vacation
8:49 - Most Funniest Moment
9:19 - Favorite TV Show
10:08 - Most Important Day
10:57 - Childhood Best Friend
19:36 - Joke of the Day!