The POZCAST: Career & Life Journeys with Adam Posner

Oleg Lougheed: Conquering Adversity & Hardships to Start a New Life in America

Episode Summary

I am excited to welcome my guest on e73 of #thePOZcast, Oleg Lougheed. Good chance you do not know him, but after our chat today, you will feel like you have known him all your life. His start in life was inauspicious. At 9 years old, he relinquished his parents' rights and entered the Russian orphanage. At 12 years old, he decided to be adopted into a new family, in a new country, halfway across the world, to start a new life. At 24 years old, he began his journey of helping others live the life they have always dreamed of, despite their hardships and misfortunes by allowing them to recognize the uniqueness and worth within their own story. We connected at the end of 2019 and had a tremendous conversation. I could sense his energy and authenticity immediately and knew we had a connection. Oleg was kind enough to welcome me on his show, “Overcoming Odds Podcast” and he got me to really open up on my story….let’s try to return the favor. Thanks for joining us. For more, please visit

Episode Notes

2:15 - Oleg's story
4:24 - Journey of Hardships
5:49 - Being Vulnerable
13:03 - New Family, New Home, New Country
14:54 - An Adopted Dad vs Father
16:01 - The Power of a Story
20:31 - Restart Button/ Revelation / A ha Moment
22:17 - Acknowledge Yourself!
23:00 - The Best Teacher
25:00 - Oleg's Podcast
30:04 - Greatest Piece of Advice