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Reena Friedman Watts: Asking Masterclass: Influencers & Sponsorships

Episode Summary

I hold my guest on E63 Reena Friedman Watts in the highest regard. Like me, she is a super connector who is beyond generous with her time and always thinking about others. She is a natural connection conduit and puts her superpower to use daily. I don't recall exactly how we first connected, maybe she knows but she immediately helped me get booked on my first podcast, Next Level People and the rest, is history. For those of you that do not know her, a bit of background. Reena got her start in the Entertainment industry. She’s worked on shows ranging from Jerry Springer to Nanny 911. She got married had 3 kids in four years and worked in Court tv while her kids were small. She then joined the corporate world for a bit planning lunch and learns for the telecom and financial industry which lead her to planning her own events and booking sponsorships for Gary V, DTC Day and now Chief Evangelist for the don’t keep your day job show with Cathy Heller. I am thrilled to have my friend and fellow power connector Reena Friedman Watts on the show! For more:

Episode Notes

2:44 Jerry Springer Show Story
7:24 - Getting On Air (Radio Show)
9:22 - Cathy Heller Episode
11:27 - Approach to Asking 

15:17- Magic Formula

16:48 - How to Reach out on Linkedin

17:37 - Automation 

18:18 - What makes Event Special?  

19:00 - Work Life Balance