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Russ Johns: Podcasting, Live Streaming & Content Creation #PirateBroadcast

Episode Summary

Please welcome my guest on E62 of #thePOZcast, host of Pirate Broadcast Russ Johns. In addition to being an early pioneer of linkedin live and podcast host, he has over 30 years of experience creating systems, connections, and relationships. Russ is a Speaker, Technology Consultant and media coach. He's focused on developing strategy and training organizations about Broadcasting their brand and building active communities. He helps others develop their Strategy for Being Seen, Heard, and Talked About. But he is more than all that. He is a connector and he inspires others to be their best. We connected the old fashioned way, by talking! Russ was gracious enough to have me on pirate broadcast a couple weeks back which was a ton of fun and I am excited to welcome on the show! For more info and past episodes, please check out Thanks for listening, subscribing, commenting and sharing!

Episode Notes

5:12 - Technology in 1986

8:05 - The Creative Process

10:10 - Be Your Own Boss

12:20 - is Podcast right for everyone?

15:00 - Key Tips on Building an Audience

16:45 - Quality of Content / Add Value

21:15 - How to Connect on Linkedin Professionally

23:55 - Tips & Tricks on Automation

26:35 - Linkedin Live

28:53 - Personal Branding