The POZCAST: Career & Life Journeys with Adam Posner

Sam Lister: Content Creator and Video Marketing

Episode Summary

Sam Lister joins me on episode 68 of #thePOZcast if you are as active as I am on LinkedIN then you will probably know my guest today Sam Lister as he has made quite a presence over the past year. I connected w/ Sam about a year ago as he came on my radar and I loved his tenacity when he jumped on the platform. For those of you that do not know him, Sam Lister is the owner of Blank Slate Media, a videography agency helping brands grow through social media content. Sam is one of the killer young and up and commmers in the world of content creation. He graduated high school in the spring of 2018 and jumped straight into entrepreneurship after that. After months of testing different ventures in real estate, eCommerce, crypto trading, and more, he landed on video. Throughout this time he was documenting his journey through video but it wasn't until he started creating content on LinkedIn in April of 2018, did people start paying him to make videos for them. Since April of 2018, he has been building his video agency ever since, starting with my iPhone X and reinvesting everything back into the company. Here we are 15 months later doing it for a living and has built Blank State Media with 5 employees. We will talk about his journey and future and a lot more. For more:

Episode Notes

3:05 - Origin of Creator Mindset
4:51 - College is Important
6:19 - Trial and Error
7:21 - Building and Organization
9:03 - Early Failure / Hiring Too Fast
9:43 - Personal Brand
11:37 - Transparent with Audience
12:22 - Mental Health
13:42 - Podcast Journey
14:15 - Challenges as a Podcaster
16:59 - Advice to being Shy
18:31 - How to Grow an Audience
24:28 - Working for FREE
26:36 - Authenticity
27:35 - Scared of what?
29:03 - Greatest Piece of Advice