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Sara Patterson: Chief People Officer at Lemonade

Episode Summary

Sara Patterson is the new Chief People Officer at Lemonade and prior, the VP of Talent Management for Walmart eCommerce. Prior to being acquired by Walmart, she held the role of Chief People Officer of Bonobos. In this episode Sara shares an incredible amount of insight from her experience from scaling high-growth technology companies, to serving as an HR executive at one of the world’s largest companies, Walmart. Sara brings expertise across HR, talent management and digital innovation from category-changing brands like Bonobos, Condé Nast, Gilt Groupe and more. Sara lives in Brooklyn where she and her husband own the tex mex and tequila bar, LOBO. She has two daughters and two dogs. I have known Sara one way or another for about 15 years as we briefly crossed paths at SXM and have a very strong common connection with Sara Sheehan, founder of Bravely. I have a tremendous amount of respect for her and the career she has built and I am excited to share her story and insights on #thePOZcast. For more episodes, please visit If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a review/rating: The POZCast is brought to you by our friends at Interseller - the prospecting + outreach platform of choice for recruiters and sellers. Whether you're doubling down on business development or recruiting talent, Interseller does all the heavy lifting of finding contact data, automating the email and follow-up process, and syncs all that rich data into 20+ CRMs and ATSs. Reach out and get going in a 2-week *free* trial today and let them know you heard about them from Adam on the POZCast  Check out a free demo today!

Episode Notes

2:19 - Sara's Career Story
4:42 - The Next Move
5:48 - Evolution of Technology and its Effects (Pros & Cons)
9:40 - Lead and Influence the Role
11:02 - People Experience Matter
12:45 - Fundamentals of Recruiting
15:25 - Why Switch Jobs? Understand the Why? Culture Fit?
18:17 - Sell what you believe in
18:50 - Walmart - Giant organization but intimate culture
21:50 - Diversity in Hiring
25:14 - PX = CX
28:49 - Empathy in Leadership
31:52 - Keeping the Energy High
35:47 - Tough to be Optimistic / Keeping the train on the track
39:40 - What is 'Authenticity'
40:30 - Give one golden Piece of Advice
41:41 - Greatest Piece of Advice Received