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Sarah Sheehan: Passionate About Making Life at Work Better for Everyone.

Episode Summary

My guest on Episode 87 of #thePOZcast Sarah Sheehan is the Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer of Bravely. Her diverse background in HR and as a sales leader made her passionate about helping companies build healthy cultures. Prior to Bravely, Sarah was an executive at Gilt City, serving as the Head of Sales and leading a 65-person sales team, after spending over a decade working in various HR roles at SiriusXM, Coach, and Gilt Groupe. Her HR background and intrinsic drive to help others find their potential made Sarah a go-to for professional guidance among her friends and colleagues. Soon, Sarah was coaching strangers who came her way via word-of-mouth. Recognizing a need, she co-founded Bravely to provide access and support to employees at every level. Sarah and I worked together at SXM almost 14 years ago and it’s been amazing to watch her career journey and what she has built at Bravely. I am excited to dig into her career journey and how she is helping so many today PLUS all while being a new mom. This is a fantastic show and I hope that you all gain a ton of value and insights! For more, please visit If you enjoyed this episode, id greatly appreciate if you left a review:

Episode Notes

2:30- Sarah Sheehan's Story
4:38 - Pivots are Foundations in Life to Succeed
6:03 - Beginning of Bravely
8:42 - Importance of Having a Mentor in Life, or  Lack of Sincere Advice
9:55 - Taking Accountability of One's Actions / Access to Coaching Sessions
17:03 - Importance of HRBP role in a company
20:34 - Raw Approaching Talent / Mock Sessions
23:49 - What is an Ideal Corporate Culture?
25:44 - How to Manage Stress - in light of Covid
31:25 - How to handle Rejections, Unemployment
33:38 - Experience of New Mothers with Work Hand in Hand
38:13 - What is Legacy?
39:41 - Greatest Piece of Advice
41:00 Sarah's Super Power
42:30 - Silver Lining In Times of Pandemic