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Scott Miller: Leadership Expert: WSJ Best Selling Author & Top Leadership Podcast Host

Episode Summary

Thrilled to welcome my guest Scott Miller to E115 of #thePOZcast as we discuss his journey through numerous different careers as a lifer at Franklin Covey that has enabled him to be a true Leadership Expert and top podcaster on the subject. He is the Former Chief Marketing Officer and EVP of Thought Leadership at FranklinCovey a WSJ Bestselling Author and host of the top rated ON Leadership Podcast, dedicated to improving our leadership capabilities. Each week he features renowned experts and authors including such luminaries as Susan Cain, Seth Godin, Dan Pink, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Carly Fiorina, Liz Wiseman, Rachel Hollis, Geoffrey Moore, General Stanley McChrystal, and numerous others. Subscribe to On Leadership: Additionally, he is a #1 best-selling author of his first book, Management Mess to Leadership Success, and a WSJ best-selling author of his second book, Everyone Deserves a Great Manager. Scott has had leadership positions throughout the company, and discusses why he’s found such a great fit and home. He’s always spent his career “friending up” finding some of his most valuable relationships from those with more experience and years under their belt. We also talk about why young professionals today move around so much from company to company than their older counterparts. As a strong leader and visionary, Scott has been both mentor and mentee to some really tenacious people. Scott credits much of his career success to those around him, and has reinvented himself by embracing his role as a generalist. We talk about how the next generation can be most efficient and effective, and how this new post COVID-19 world will force people to be creative and insightful. For more, please visit thanks! If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a review/rating:  The POZCast is brought to you by our friends at Interseller - the prospecting + outreach platform of recruiters and sellers. Whether you’re doubling down on business development or recruiting talent, Interseller does all the heavy lifting of finding contact data, automating the email and follow-up process, and syncs all that rich data into 20+ CRMs and ATSs. Reach out and get going in a 2-week *free* trial today and let them know you heard about them from Adam on the POZCast.  Check out a free demo today!

Episode Notes



3:06 - Scott Miller's Career Journey
5:43 - Lesson to Younger Folks
6:03 - Sticking to one job, or switching jobs?
7:37 - The value of a defined Culture
9:03 - How companies retain good employees?
10:26 - Instant Gratification
11:27 - Being a Thought Leader
13:50 - Mentorship - Key Lesson
15:01 - Be Fearless
15:41 - More Friends - More Experience
16:33 - Importance of Giving Back
17:27 - Podcast and Leadership
18:40 - Know your story
21:29 - Be Vulnerable
22:07 - Interviewing Hero
23:14 - How to build an Audience
24:31 - Tip for the new Podcaster
26:07 - Golden Piece of Advice by Dr. Covey
27:42 - Relationship is the Competitive Advantage
28:22 - Who are the leaders who stand out?
30:02 - Own your mess
31:27 - Everybody is a hostage during Covid
33:34 - Old school mindset
35:18 - How to keep the culture Alive remotely?
37:38 - Best Advice
38:21 - Fav Interview Questions
39:21 - Greatest Personal Accomplishment
40:23 - What is Scott's Legacy
41:18 - Personal & Professional Silver Lining
42:52 - Scott's North Star