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Steve Nudelberg: Massive Action = Massive Results, Sales Leader

Episode Summary

Excited to welcome Steve Nudelberg to #thePOZcast! Have you ever wondered what separates top performing sales professionals from the rest of the pack? The top sales professionals know that the difference between good and great performance requires a set of disciplines and best practices that will drive you to new levels of success. Whether it is a keynote speech, a Sales Bootcamp or a custom training program, we help sales professionals, leaders and managers examine their process and then create unique and actionable items based on their specific culture and environment, to GROW SALES! Massive Action = Massive Results Steve Nudelberg is an author, expert sales trainer, consultant, keynote speaker, and serial entrepreneur. Steve created On the Ball – a company that invests time and talent in emerging businesses and corporate teams to help them grow. Steve is an energetic powerhouse who infuses adrenaline and ideas to ignite individuals and teams to sharpen overall performance Steve’s 27 core Leadership Rules of Engagement within this book, Confessions of a Serial Salesman, have been developed over decades of corporate and entrepreneurial leadership endeavors. These rules and/or actions are called the Rules of Engagement, and are Standard Operating Procedures that that have been cultivated from over 40 years of sales experience and relationships with top performers all over the world. Steve’s specialty within organizations centers on creating daily sales processes, sales acceleration and development, Social Selling , The Art of Building Relationships, Storytelling to make conversations engaging, Pipeline Development. Find Steve on LinkedIN: His book, Confessions of a Serial Salesman: Fore more, please visit If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a review:

Episode Notes

2:30 - Background
6:00 - Early Career Failures
8:11 - Lessons Learned
9:50 - Early Success / Ego Mindset
12:11 - Key Rules to Success by Steve Nudelberg
12:39 - Tell me Something Good
14:33 - Transition in Sales Strategy / Challenges / Getting the Silver Bullet
16:19 - Be a Solutions Provider
17:51 - Conduit Aspect to Relationships
19:34 - Goal with the Podcast /  Turn it into a Business Opportunity
22:23 - Value Proposition / Developing and Strengthening Relationships
24:04 - Sales Training on Linkedin
27:21 - Parent - Child Perspective
32:44 - Putting Words into Actions
33:18 - Leadership, Survival and Managing Crisis
36:42 - Airplane Analogy / Be invaluable
39:04 - Greatest Piece of Advice
40:10 - Silver Lining during Pandemic