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String Nguyen: #stringtheory: content creation & personal branding

Episode Summary

Suzanne 'String' Nguyen is an Australian -based Video Content Creator & Producer, and founder of StringStory Media. String is a curious geek of the future, online she is known as StringStory, where she threads the dots of communication and tech. She serves and helps experts, entrepreneurs and coaches who struggle to market themselves by developing the framework for them to build their personal brand. String is an incredible story teller and video creator who not just brings her life to her fans but also teaches how. We will get into that and a ton more. I am super excited to have her on #thePOZcast. For more: If you love this show, please leave us a review. Go to and follow the simple instructions.

Episode Notes

1:21 Introduction
3:04 Start off from Linkedin
5:05 - Create and Teach (Double Down)
7:08 - Million Dollar Investment
8:43 - Personal Branding
10:09 - Authenticity - Be Yourself
11:27 - Pushing People into Content Creation
12:43 - The Need of Commitment
13:27 - Creative Vibes
15:24 - What is Brand Clarity?
16:33 - Fear of the Unknown
17:38 - The word 'want'
18:36 - Obsession with Fried Chicken
20:50 - Quality vs Quantity
26:28 - Advice on finding a Niche
28:26 - Short Term Success
29:09 - How to Value Connections?
30:55 - Good Writing Skills vs Good Public Speaking
34:03 - Work from Home Opportunity - Time to Upskill