The POZCAST: Career & Life Journeys with Adam Posner

Talent Roundtable w/ Caitlin Lillie, Veracelle Vega, Simone Press (LIVE)

Episode Summary

This is a special audio episode of #thePOZcastLIVE (recorded 10.13.20) Talent Roundtable w/ Caitlin Lillie, Veracelle Vega, Simone Press THRILLED to bring together three leading ladies in the world of talent on #thePOZcast LIVE! The POZcast host, Adam Posner, moderates a panel around all things #talentaccess in whatever we want to call this "new norm" including: Candidate experience, hiring, firing, onboarding and keeping culture alive and thriving remotely. Featuring Caitlin Lillie, Director of Talent Work & Co Veracelle Vega, CPO Resident Simone Press, Head of Talent at Whip Media Group FULL VIDEO: For more, please visit THIS IS #THEPOZCAST > GET INVOLVED

Episode Notes

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