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Mike Winnet: Exposing the Scams

Episode Summary

My next guest is a bit of an underground hero for those who think logically and have average to above average common sense and reasoning. Those that can see through the BS and can think for themselves. Mike Winnet is THE self-appointed, uninspirational, backwards thinking "leader" on a mission to uncover the truth behind all the BS in today's digital me-me-me first world. #contrepreneur He is out to expose all of the get rich quick schemes and mock the vomit-inducing "humblebrag" style of your favourite influencer. His latest "The #Contrepreneur Series" uncovers the truth behind "get rich quick" schemes pushed by insta-successful gurus. You know the type I am talking about right? In 2019 he invested his own time and money into popular passive income streams like; Crypto Mining, UK & Overseas Property Investment, YouTube Revenue, eCommerce, ebooks and online courses. He reports back to all of us, “warts and all” for people to REALLY see if these "shortcuts" to success DO or DON'T make the money promised by the people selling them. He is truly putting his money where his big fat mouth is. I love his style, his brashness and HAD to have him on the show for some real talk... This is a good one folks!