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Dualta Doherty: His Journey in Global Recruitment

Episode Summary

Excited to have my guest Dualta Duherty on the show. First, super grateful as he was one of the first #podcasthost to have me on as a guest about a year ago. He gave me the opportunity to share my journey and pivot into #recruiting. I believe it was his show where for the first time I said publicly that I was let go from Vayner and it was quite liberating. But enough about me. He is also a killer global recruiter, who recruits recruiters and has truly established himself and his brand on #LinkedIN. Dualta is focused on the London Recruitment market right now with an established team that covers the global recruitment market. They place agency Recruiters all over the world with a massive focus on the USA, especially New York and LA. They also work with clients in London, Dublin, Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Auckland, Singapore & Tokyo. You get the picture. I am thrilled to have him on show today to share his story and a whole lot more...

Episode Notes

- The power of Relationships 

- The global recruitment space

- R2R recruitment

- What its like to work with your wife/partner

- How to build talent pipelines (brass tacks)

- Difference b/w US and UK/Global Recruitment

- Balancing a family life with building a thriving recruitment business

- Characteristics of a successful recruiter (spoiler: Tenacity Grit & being Inquisitive) 

- Recruitment mistakes