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Julian Placino: Career Pivots into the Future

Episode Summary

I am thrilled to introduce my guest today on the show, Julian Placino. We have built an online and offline relationship that has culminated with the co-creation of an industry event this past September in Dallas (that we will get into). In my opinion, our relationship is an incredible example of the power of real networking. We were initially connected about a year ago by my friend and mutual connection, Brian Altomarie. We had a networking chat and Julian graciously invited me on his Pathways to Success podcast to share my story. That evolved to where we are today and more to come. Julian, is a Fortune 500 Speaker who’s spoken hundreds of times at various corporations, conferences, universities, and nonprofits. He is also the host of the extremely successful Pathways to Success Podcast, where he interviews exceptional leaders about their journeys to success including company founders, CEOs, New York Times bestselling authors, TEDx speakers, celebrity athletes, and prolific entrepreneurs like myself! And he does so much more including modeling, acting and was recently cast in the Amazon Prime Docu-Series, The Social Movement, a reality TV show about creating social impact through entrepreneurship that will be released in the Summer of 2020. But his core background is in 11 year of 11 years of recruiting experience, he’s helped leading corporations attract, recruit, and retain top talent. Julian has personally hired over 400 world-class professionals in the areas of technology, sales, and creative arts. For 7 years, Julian led talent acquisition for Bottle Rocket, one of the premier mobile development firms in the world. He now consults with staffing firms on business development strategy, performance coaching, content creation, and employer branding. So much value in this episode of #thepozcast ! Thanks for listening & subscribing.