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Brandon Bornancin: Hiring and Building a Sales Empire

Episode Summary

Let’s talk about #Sales. #Selling is an essential component in all business. Some of us do it as part of our job and for others it’s our full time job. A major part of my job is selling. Selling candidates on opportunities and selling potential clients on my services. Today I want to bring you a true sales pro and sales industry leader to talk about his story and his approach to hiring sales people and hopefully he will drop some other secrets as well. My guest today Brandon Bornancin is a Serial Salesperson, Author, Angel Investor and keynote speaker on all topics related to sales, marketing and entrepreneurship. His cut to the chase, no BS in the trenches made millions, lost millions and everything in-between since he was 18. Brandon is the CEO & Founder of #Seamless.AI, one of the fastest growing #SaaS companies that delivers the world’s best sales leads. Over 30,000+ companies use Seamless.AI to generate millions in sales at companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Slack, Dell, Oracle & many others. On this episode we dig into all things: sales recruitment, interview tips, how to fail, how to rebuild and how to scale along with a ton more. Brandon drops tons of #knowledgebombs