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Joe Mullings: A Recruiting Master Class

Episode Summary

On this our 39th episode, we are going to have some real talk around how to be a successful recruiter, how to hire them and how to build a thriving recruitment business. My guest today, Joe Mullings is the President & CEO of The Mullings Group Companies and TrueFuture TV, is content company. Joe has been building companies and careers since the 1980’s. He has built the world's leading search firm in the medical device industry with clients like Google, Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Laboratories as well as the emerging technology startups. He is also President & CEO of DragonFly Stories which is a media company that is the production company behind the docu-series TrueFuture as well as the media platform of TMGPulse, a medtech news and opinion website. Joe is serious about physical fitness and MMA and he has also founded The Armory, at the time one of the larger Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts teams with multiple fighters in the UFC and world class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors. Long story short, Joe is not the type of guy you mess with on any front. I’ve been admiring and learning from Joe from afar and I had my first convo w/ him back last Dec. I’ll be honest, my first impression was that this guy is a bit too tough, but after we really started talking shop and life, I knew this guy was someone for me to connect with further and learn from. I am thrilled to have him on the show today, so let's get to it.