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Zack Scriven: Being an Influencer

Episode Summary

My guest on E40 of #thepozcast Zack Scriven is a self-proclaimed #influencer. A title he takes a lot of pride in but also gets a lot of criticism for as well. Either way he owns it and does his best to embody the title. But Zack is a lot more than that. He quit his lucrative job in Industrial Automation Engineering to pursue content creation full time. He is the host of The Zack Scriven Podcast who graciously had me on about a year ago to share my story. He was one of the first that opened up his show for me and I greatly appreciate that. He is also a highly technically and creatively skilled content creator and founder of Zack Scriven Media- another aspect I admire about him as he constantly innovates and shares his learnings with his tribe. His content is focused around Digital Transformation, featuring both clients within his past industry and others. As well, he has recently completed a 30 day road trip that he documented that we will talk about. His goal is to serve God in all things he does. Today, Zack regularly travels all over the U.S and worldwide. attending LinkedIn Local Networking Events. He has been sponsored by several brands to speak at conferences in Las Vegas, Dallas, Dubai and South Africa. Zack Scriven looks forward to continuing this exciting journey—leading the charge in Digital Transformation. Join us as we dig into his career journey, thought leadership on content creation, #linkedin and a ton more. Thanks for coming along for the ride!