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Hala Taha: Podcasting Journey & Innovation

Episode Summary

Collaboration over competition. Be open and humble enough to being inspired from others that may be half your age. All things that I say in relation to guest today Hala Taha, host of the popular #youngandprofiting podcast. Quick 101 for those I am introducing her to for the first time- Her day job, Lifecycle Marketing Ops & Growth Platform Manager at Disney Streaming Services. Her passion - host of one of the fastest growing podcasts, YAP- Young and Profiiting. Some other fun facts- Hala started her career in radio at Hot 97 here in NYC as Angie Martinez’ assistant. She also launched her own successful blog “The Sorority of Hip Hop” that MTV scouted and almost launched a reality show that I believe she was set to star in. Hala landed on my radar b/c of branding, marketing and tenacity were ever present on LinkedIN. I checked out a couple episodes of her show and I knew we had to connect and have her on to share her story and insights with my tribe.