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Lila Smith: How to #saythingsbetter

Episode Summary

Tribe, you are in for a treat on E44 of #thepozcast as my guest Lila Smith #saythingsbetter is a human firework show, sparklers coming at you from every direction. I have had the pleasure to finally meet her in Dallas this past September as she was the keynote speaker for an event I organized. And I can promise you she delivered as promised! We are also now pickle pals but that’s a story for later. Lila Smith used to think that being a professional actress would be the best way to use her love of storytelling to make a difference that mattered in the world. After spending 20 years training and 10 years professionally performing to great acclaim in NYC and around the US, she still felt there was more. More connection, more honesty, and more impact to be had- offstage, in real life. That’s why Lila created Say Things Better, a 5-Step method of Intentional Communication based on the best tools she learned in theater. She now travels around the world helping people and brands across cultures and industries to connect to their ideal Communication Partners. I am thrilled to have her on the show to discuss her story and a ton more! I appreciate all of you listening, subscribing, commenting and sharing! Thank you!