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Rich Cardona: Content Creation Career Journey

Episode Summary

Tribe, my guest on E46 Rich Cardona is a first generation American and retired Marine Corps attack helicopter pilot. After getting a Masters in Business Administration out of fear he wouldn’t be marketable, he ventured into the traditional workplace and landed a job with Amazon. While he admits the company is the tip of the spear, his experience in fulfillment was extremely unfulfilling. He left, moved into his in-laws basement and dug down deep to find his true passion that would lead to a fulfilling business. After spending time with and documenting Claude Silver, Vayner Media’s Chief Heart Officer, he realized that there was a need for executives like her to become more visible. And the idea was hatched! Rich Cardona Media was born. Today, Rich’s team helps executives and entrepreneurs become more visible by using video to create long term content and social media strategies. Rich has also created a video series and podcast called “The Leadership Locker” where influencers and industry leaders share their expertise with transitioning service members and veteran entrepreneurs. We dig into his journey and a whole lot more! Thanks for listening and if you enjoy this episode, id greatly appreciate if you left a review/rating.

Episode Notes

(2:55) Military Background/ How Rich joined Armed Forces 
(7:00) US - Afghanistan War / Perspective on War Zone from the Other End 
(9:24) Return to Real City Life / Existential - Transitional Crisis 
(12:15) How he got Hired and Fired on Amazon 
(17:46) Back to Basics / How to Prioritize and Find Solutions to a Stress-free life / Journey to Self Awareness 
(20:57) Exploring Europe and getting into Photography 
(23:00) How Rich found Motivation 
(27:51) Highlights of Rich Cardona Media 
(30:11) Living on the Edge/ Proximity of Power 

(34:00) Putting yourself First / The True Essence of being Humble 
 (34:47) What is Leadership locker?