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Anil Dharni: Candidate Engagement Technology

Episode Summary

please welcome my guest today Anil Dharni, CEO and cofounder of contractor and candidate engagement platform, Sense. Anil built Sense as a direct response the broken traditional staffing model and its impact on the contingent workforce. Sense enables staffing agencies and recruiters to automate and personalize their interactions with contractors throughout the entire employment cycle, creating loyal contractors, satisfied clients, and more efficient recruiters. Sense recently announced their Series B funding led by Google Ventures and new product, ‘Messaging’, enabling recruiters to have more meaningful engagements with talent through 1:1 text message. Staffing firms working with Sense are able to increase response rates to 51 percent, increase redeployment rates by up to 20 percent, and see significant bump in NPS scores. To date, Sense has raised $23.5M in funding and works with six of the top ten staffing firms in the US including Adecco and Apex Systems. I am really excited to talk high level TA strat as well as brass tacks. If you enjoy this episode of #thepozcast, id greatly appreciate if you left a review/rating Thanks!

Episode Notes

4:00 (Lack of Loyalty among Gig Workers)
6:36 (A Nudge Platform)
10:43 (the 'Ahaa' Moment)
13:21 (Adaptability into Digital Changing Platforms)
16:17 (Change Management)
17:15 (Incorporating Human Element into AI)
21:07 (Biggest Accomplishment)
22:57 (Become the Co-Pilot)