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Brian Schulman: Top LinkedIN Video Creator

Episode Summary

today I bring you one of the loudest voices on LinkedIN and Mr. Voice Your Vibe himself, Brian Schulman. He has been on the platform since day 1, building a community and thought leadership around video content creation. Brian oozes positivity out of every pore and his inspirational attitude is contagious. Brian is the Founder and CEO of Voice Your Vibe, Forbes featured entrepreneur, LinkedIn Local San Diego Founder and Host, 2018 Linkedin Top Voice, one of the leading experts in the world on Linkedin, having spent every day for the last 15 years on the platform. He is sometimes referred to as The Godfather of LinkedInVideo, Brian is an inspirational content creator. Brian's mission for his content on LinkedIn is to simply change the life of one person a day and it would be an understatement to say he's achieved his goal. He's a mentor to many around the world, advisor to some of the biggest brands in the US and a friend to all who know him. Enjoy. If you enjoyed this show, please leave a review/rating, much appreciated!

Episode Notes

4:00 (Blessing in Disguise/ Handling Obstacles)
15:00 (Life Story)
21:35 (Lila Smith/Voice your Vibe)
23:12 (Content Creation/ First Video Release)
28:34 (Purpose of Company/Voice Your Vibe)
30:02 - 30:32 (Humans First)
31:26 (Linkedin Master Class)
35:07 (Linkedin Quotes)
37 (Melbourne Episode with Linkedin Fam)