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Nick Hayden: Sports Marketing & Tenacity

Episode Summary

My guest on E57 of #thepozcast Nick Hayden has something really special. It’s called DRIVE and TENACITY. I met Nick through our mutual connection, another super power connecter Kelvin Joseph. From our first convo, I knew this guy was on to something big. Nick Hayden is a sports business entrepreneur and CEO & Co-Founder at Sports Biz Group. A full-service creative sports & entertainment agency in New York City. Sports Biz Group leverages the influence of sports & entertainment through networking, collaboration, and immersive events.His work experience extends to sports, technology, venture capital, and hospitality. Nick is passionate about helping others reach new levels of success within sports business and entrepreneurship. And his mission: Experience the world through epic activities with amazing people. I’ve reached this age where I meet people younger than me and I see something in them that I had back then and I am immediately drawn to them. Nick is one of them. He has such an incredible drive and tenacity that is contagious. He is laser focused but still humble and reserved at that same time. I am sure he makes his fair share of mistakes but is doing things the right way- networking, aligning with the right people and taking chances with the ultimate goal to build the company he dreams about. I appreciate our friendship and I thank him for actually teaching me a thing or two along the way. I hope that I can return the favor. I look forward to continuing to build synergy and our relationship. Thanks for tuning in and I appreciate you sharing, subscribing and commenting!

Episode Notes

2:18 Passion for Sports
6:09 Cons of Internship
8:29 Start of Sports Biz Group & its White Space
12:!4 Leveraging Influence in Sports Market
13:35 Build Your Personal Brand
14:50 Fundamentals of Building Audience
16:36 Misconceptions about Networking