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Tyree Washington: World Track & Field Champ: Facing Extreme Adversity

Episode Summary

My on e76 of #thePOZcast, Tyree Washington is a 400m World Champion in Track and Field, NFL Alumni, former Law Enforcement Peace Officer, Motivational speaker and Trainer. He encourages, motivates and inspires people from all walks of life that regardless of the adversity they encounter, or their environment, to have a positive mindset and surround themselves around positive people- then there no adversity they can’t overcome. Tyree has encountered a lot of adversity in his life with losing four World Championship Gold Medals and his World Record due to his teammates doping. He also was diagnosed with asthma as child that almost killed him many times. Many physicians who treated Tyree for asthma as a child told him he would never be able to play sports because his asthma was too severe. Tyree never bought into what they were saying, and he vowed to keep playing sports and train 3X harder than anyone else so he can accomplish his goals and dreams. Tyree’s diverse background can just about relate to anyone in the world. He’s worked globally for over a decade. His story has touched the lives of billions of people while being aired on major television networks around the world. When Tyree speaks it doesn’t matter if its 10 people in the room or over a 1,000, he will captivate his audience and inspire them to become better in every aspect of their lives. I am thrilled to welcome him today to share his story and motivate you!

Episode Notes

1:57 - Favorite Quotes ' Destiny Cant be Denied'
3:28 - How Adversity hits you?
5:52 - Team Sport & Brotherhood
6:51 - How to find forgiveness?
11:02 - Foundation & its Purpose
14:08 - Piece of Advice for Successful Marriage
15:45 - Crazy Lesson after being a dad
17:25 - Take away from Sports
20:06 - Legacy
21:31 - Authenticity
22:44 - Scared of Failing

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